10 Tips to Quit Smoking

Quit SmokingEvery year, more than three million people decide to quit smoking due to threats such as asthma attacks, lung disease, cancer and teeth health. If you continue smoking for a long enough period of time inevitably you’re going to need to visit a San Diego dentist to help with all the oral problems you’re going to experience. Due to the fact that smoking is an addiction, these people are likely to have mental cravings and physical urges along with other obstacles to test their willpower and self-control. Still, it is possible to quit. Following are ten tips from dentists to help smokers along their path to a healthier future.

Prepare Yourself

When you want to quit smoking, you must properly prepare yourself in order to set yourself up for success. Create a plan and commit to it. Set a date that you will be completely done with cigarettes and tell your friends and family. Get all tobacco products out of your office, home, and even your car. Finally, talk with your doctor about resources that are available to you.

Find Your Motivation.

Make a list of the pros and cons of quitting as well as the reasons you want quit. Print out this list (or hand write it) and post it in visible locations in your car, your home, and your office. When you get that urge to light up, look over your motivation list.

Find Support.

Your friends and family will offer you lots of support in your quitting smoking journey. It is necessary that you surround yourself with positive influences. You can also find online support, including forums where you can discuss your experiences with others in the same situation as you are. Find local support groups and attend meetings.

Retrain Yourself.

Smoking is a habit so you have to replace it with some positive alternatives. For example, instead of lighting up right after a meal, pop in a piece of sugarless gum. Look for other ways to deal with stress instead of smoking. Avoid those places that make you want to smoke such as clubs and bars.

Eat some Fruit. Drink some Water.

When you’re quitting smoking, your body will go through some physical changes. You will notice that your blood sugar is low and your digestive tract is much slower. Drink some fresh fruit juices to bring up your blood sugar and speed up the process of flushing out the toxins and chemicals left by the nicotine.

Reward Yourself.

Set up a rewards system for yourself. After a week, a month, six months, one year- allow yourself to have something that you normally wouldn’t get such as a new CD/DVD, new clothes, or anything you’ve been wanting but haven’t gotten.

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